Beach Bound – A Girls Trip!

Bikini GirlsI am excited to say that the Siesta Key girls trip is here! Kate and I wave goodbye as we head south for eleven days of sand, sun, and surf. I will not be able to post while I’m down there, but I plan on writing a great deal.

Enjoy the last few moments of August. I cannot wait to share our adventures with you when we get back to the midwest.

Image copyright 1960, Cole of California.

A Leap Of Faith

Just Go For It!So let me start this by saying that I am a perfectionist and a planner to a flaw. Seriously. I am so hard on myself and so when points in my life don’t go the way they should, I kinda don’t know how to handle it, because remember, that’s not how it was supposed to happen. Does anyone relate to this? After a few huge parts of my life going this way, I’ve semi taught myself to work hard and control what I can, but after that, sit back and let things work themselves out.

My dad once told me “Everything always works out”. I shrugged him off at the time, but he couldn’t be more dead on.

Taking a leap of faith is hard for someone who would normally measure how many feet that leap is and then calculate the probability of actually making it. But I am trying to stop my mind and take the jump!

I was asked a week ago to give a presentation in front of 50 people about email marketing. I love email marketing, but anyone who knows me knows that to me, public speaking is worse than a death sentence. After a week of telling myself not to freak out and then consequently freaking out, I gave the presentation tonight, and I felt like a rockstar. I know this subject like the back of my hand, so why was I even nervous to begin with?! It’s funny, I was dreading it for a whole week, and I ended up getting a rush off of it.

At the end of the day, the joke is on me, but I was reminded that taking a leap of faith pays off sometimes. It forces you to grow when you didn’t think you were ready to. I think that we’re always ready, we just don’t realize it.

Image courtesy of Photographer unknown.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

carThere are few things in life I enjoy more than a great country drive in the Summer. Since I had the perfect opportunity after the bachelorette party, I opted to actually go the speed limit and just enjoy it. With the windows down, I think I did more reflecting and looking back than l did looking forward.

After a great girls weekend and an amazing last road trip in that car, I returned home to get a new car, a clean slate, and to start looking forward…

Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.

P.S. If you did not pick up on the reference, this link is for you.

Out On The Town: Gap & Design Love Fest Party

Gap & Design Love Fest Party PostcardGosh this week is a hectic one! I’m headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for this bachelorette party this weekend. But before a lazy weekend at the lake with the girls, I’m headed into the city tomorrow for the Gap & Design Love Fest Lollapalooza event. I could not be more excited! I’m going with my partner in crime, Kate, and we’re making a girls night out of it with dinner and drinks some place fun afterwards. I absolutely adore DLF so I’m excited to meet Bri, enjoy some live music, and browse the clothing temptation we call Gap. Hopefully I remember to snap some shots, stay posted for those!

Invitation Image from the DLF blog.

I’m Still Alive

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field

I cannot remember the last time I posted, which is never a good sign. The past month has brought a lot of turmoil and hardships, but like every storm, I’d like to believe it is passing. Nonetheless, “I’m still Alive”.

Speaking of storms and the Pearl Jam reference, I was one of the lucky few to be able to see Pearl Jam Friday at the historic Wrigley Field in Chicago. There are few places more beautiful than the ivy covered brick of Wrigley Field. It was amazing to be there with one of my all time favorite bands, Pearl Jam, whose Eddie Vedder is an Evanston native himself. It proved to be quite an interesting night. After a handful of songs, a storm swept through, forcing us to all wait it out for 2.5 hours! That wait felt like an eternity, but Pearl Jam emerged to finish a kick ass show all the way till city curfew of 2 am. (I’m sure the residents loved that). Although it was frustrating at the time, we made the most of it, and it made the most memorable concert list!

As if I’m not spoiled enough to be there with my best friends (can we say best Valentine’s gift ever?), we all enjoyed a fantastic dinner together over laughs at Vops Chicago. The place is fantastic, grab a 6-pack and head over there for deliciously greasy, cheap eats! They have something for your favorite carnivore, vegetarian, and vegan! It’s definitely a must stop.

Type & Travel


As a designer, I would be lying if I said that I do not swoon over typography. Especially vintage typography. How amazing is this? I found it on the bottom of these canisters. I don’t know what I was more excited to find – the abandoned canisters on a shelf waiting for a home or the beautifully worn type on the bottom…

Speaking of Sarasota, I am thrilled to be going on a vacation in August/September. Finally.

My sister and I are doing a much dreamed about girls trip to Siesta Key (we will be flying into Sarasota). It’s the first time my feet have touched sand in 7 years. Sad, I know. With the cost of Chicago living, every day is about living frugally, so a vacation has been nowhere in reach. Finally, with a huge leap of faith and my sister by my side, we’re taking the plunge for a much deserved vacation.

Beaches, here we come!

I’ll keep you posted on what I plan on packing and buying for the trip.

Summer, Is That You?

flipflopsThe first breath of Summer…

After a nearly non existent Spring, it finally feels like Summer has shown up in Chicago. Living with the winters that we have, it’s always exciting to be in the hustle and bustle of the first handful of warm days. People are out and about plant shopping and doing other seemingly made up errands just as an excuse to escape the house, since we all are shut-ins for the 9 cold months out of the year.

This weekend will be a busy one filled with grilling and poolside fun and surrounded by love from friends and family. I’m feverishly trying to tidy up my place so that it is looking a little nicer for entertaining. A more fun preparation, however, is getting those toes out of boots and ready for the pool. I’ve dusted off my favorite pair of flip-flops and removed my dark nail polish. Goodbye Winter!

Flip-flops, J. Crew Factory :: nail polish is Essie in Watermelon.

Currently Spinning: B.R.M.C.

BRMC edit

I’ve been listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for about 9 years now. Which first of all is scary how time flies. I’ve seen them a few times and would highly recommend them to anyone who agrees that rock n roll is not dead. They are an all American rock band with amazing studio albums and even better live shows.

By mere circumstance and an ounce of fate, they happened to be staying at our hotel the night of the show and we bumped into Peter, the guitarist, on the curb as we pulled up and he was hailing a cab. Can you imagine?! The luck of it!

Well, being my normal, reserved self, I was too nervous to say anything so Drew saved the day and snapped a shot of Peter and myself. You can tell we both are background people and not ones for the spotlight, but I keep thinking that the pain in both of us of being in front of the camera just adds to the charm. Right?

If you’re unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to listen here. Be warned, their music is addictive.

Happy listening!