Currently Spinning: High Violet

Boomerang: High VioletOh High Violet by The National. This is the go-to album for this mini series about the rituals of the Autumn/Winter cusp season. I didn’t even have to think about it.

Every year, on the first cold, rainy, dreary day we have, this is the album that I play. It’s dark, beautiful, lonely, comforting and mysterious. As the days are shorter and nights start earlier, this is the perfect album to curl up to.

leafI had the opportunity to see The National in 2011, and ironically, they were unbelievably loud and thunderous. It was such a contrast to the mellowness of their studio recordings. I highly recommend seeing them if the opportunity presents itself. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such an unexpected dichotomy in a band, but it’s fantastic.

If you haven’t dared do it yet, go make yourself a Hot Toddy and put this album on your stereo. You can buy it here.

Currently Spinning: Diego Garcia

Currently Spinning Diego Garcia LauraAt first sight this album is seemingly inappropriate for a nearly November music recommendation. You’re right. This should be saved for June. Or should it? Born in Detroit to Argentine parents, growing up in Tampa, attending Brown University, starting a New York Indie band and then completing the circle by pursuing a solo career of Latin music seems to be eclectic enough to give me liberty to post this in November, right?

The album featured above is Laura, Diego Garcia‘s first solo album released April 2011. It’s absolutely phenomenal. His second album, Paradise, pictured below was recently released October 8, 2013. Just when I thought nothing could top Laura, he creates another to-die-for album. These songs are filled with both heart and incredible musicianship.

diego-garcia-paradiseTake a listen to these albums here and here. Also, he will be performing live December 6 at Schuba’s for $12. I will be there, so if you’re making a night of it, let me know!

In the meantime, here are my favorite moments on each album…

Laura: Inside My Heart, Roses and Wine, Under This Spell.
Paradise: Dónde Estás, Truth Will Ring, My Everything.

If you listen to these albums, let me know what you think! Do they inspire you?

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

carThere are few things in life I enjoy more than a great country drive in the Summer. Since I had the perfect opportunity after the bachelorette party, I opted to actually go the speed limit and just enjoy it. With the windows down, I think I did more reflecting and looking back than l did looking forward.

After a great girls weekend and an amazing last road trip in that car, I returned home to get a new car, a clean slate, and to start looking forward…

Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.

P.S. If you did not pick up on the reference, this link is for you.

Currently Spinning: B.R.M.C.

BRMC edit

I’ve been listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for about 9 years now. Which first of all is scary how time flies. I’ve seen them a few times and would highly recommend them to anyone who agrees that rock n roll is not dead. They are an all American rock band with amazing studio albums and even better live shows.

By mere circumstance and an ounce of fate, they happened to be staying at our hotel the night of the show and we bumped into Peter, the guitarist, on the curb as we pulled up and he was hailing a cab. Can you imagine?! The luck of it!

Well, being my normal, reserved self, I was too nervous to say anything so Drew saved the day and snapped a shot of Peter and myself. You can tell we both are background people and not ones for the spotlight, but I keep thinking that the pain in both of us of being in front of the camera just adds to the charm. Right?

If you’re unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to listen here. Be warned, their music is addictive.

Happy listening!