A Moment In Time: Siesta Key Signage

Do you remember this post from forever ago? This is the first post of a mini-series about our beach bound Siesta Key trip. I cannot wait to share some favorite spots with you, but first, here’s some vintage inspiration that we found during our adventures along the island.

A Moment In Time: Siesta RoyaleThis first sign is Siesta Royale Apartments which is where we’re planning on staying next year. This sign does all the selling doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a quaint home away from home?

A Moment In Time: Vista HermosaAnd check out this sign! Hello flashback. I love the modern yet dynamic lines on this pink sign contrasted with the curvy script font. Perfection in all its pink glory.

A Moment In Time: ShoreAnd last but not least. This jaw dropping beautiful typographic logo, Shore. I know this is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not a vintage sign, but it’s a modern sign with a huge nod to mid-century typography, so I’m throwing it in the mix.

Which one is your favorite?

A Moment In Time: Bruno’s Sign

vintagetypeFew things in life inspire me more than vintage type and design. I’m guessing I’m not alone here, so as I stumble upon these treasures, I’m posting them in my new column, A Moment In Time, for a dose of inspiration.

I just love that this sign has stood the test of time, and someone finds it beautiful enough to keep and maintain it. It looks like the bubbles might light up too, so I’d love to see it at night!

Type & Travel


As a designer, I would be lying if I said that I do not swoon over typography. Especially vintage typography. How amazing is this? I found it on the bottom of these canisters. I don’t know what I was more excited to find – the abandoned canisters on a shelf waiting for a home or the beautifully worn type on the bottom…

Speaking of Sarasota, I am thrilled to be going on a vacation in August/September. Finally.

My sister and I are doing a much dreamed about girls trip to Siesta Key (we will be flying into Sarasota). It’s the first time my feet have touched sand in 7 years. Sad, I know. With the cost of Chicago living, every day is about living frugally, so a vacation has been nowhere in reach. Finally, with a huge leap of faith and my sister by my side, we’re taking the plunge for a much deserved vacation.

Beaches, here we come!

I’ll keep you posted on what I plan on packing and buying for the trip.

Fun Finds and New Wares!


I am excited to say that I have found an exciting vintage treasure today, ok maybe a set-of-four treasure!

It’s a set of four sugar/flour canisters by Shafford. The pattern is Sarasota, how appropriate for summer weather, huh? I admit, shamefully, that I am not familiar with this pattern, and have had no luck researching it, but is it not darling? It looks about 1950’s and is hand shaped and hand painted. It’s the pop of fun everyone needs while baking.

Stop by and check it out in the Boom Shop. If anyone knows anything about this pattern, please let me know. I’m dying for more information…