Crank The Heat

Boomerang: Autumn/WInter Cusp Season CozyWhen it comes to loungewear, my philosophy is anything goes. I mean, these are the pieces where the weirder and crazier the better! When else can you get away with wearing fun leggings like these? And yes, I do own those. And yes, I am wearing them as I write this.

This leads me to the final sensory experience of the Autumn/Winter season mini series – Touch. This season is all about soft and cozy wozy. Warm and oversized.

I have an affinity for mugs and pretty much anything you can put in them – hot tea, coffee or a hot toddy.

Hopefully you’re reading this curled up on the couch with your toddy in hand, burning a Nature’s Wick candle and listening to High Violet.

Fill me in… what’s your go-to cozy outfit? Do you keep it subtle or go crazy like me?

Striped Hoodie, The North Face :: Plaid Leggings, PACT :: Forest Saunter Mug, Anthro :: Fair Isle Slippers, Gap :: Blanket, IKEA.

When You Don’t Have a Fire…

candleOne of the perks of living in the Midwest is cuddling up by the fire and watching a movie or diving into a good book on a cold day. Although my apartment is cozy, cozy, cozy, it does not have a fireplace, which is a bit of a bummer. However, a couple of years ago I found a solution! Have you heard of Nature’s Wick candles? They’re the best. They are fairly reasonably priced, you can pick them up at Target, and they crackle and pop just like a wood burning fireplace. The renter’s fragrant fireplace. Every Autumn, I look so forward to pulling these out and lighting them. I like to burn a few different fragrances at once to really put me in the late Fall/early Winter cusp season mood.

Nature’s Wick Candle in Pumpkin Cheesecake, find similar here :: Nature’s Wick 3-Wick Candle in Bonfire Nights, find similar here :: Slatkin & Company Candle in Acorn & Fig (not a wooden wick candle), find similar here.

Note: doesn’t seem to have many options left, try your local store for more variety.

The Simple Things


A few weeks ago, I posted about making a conscious effort to stop and enjoy the little things in life.  Although it is hard for all of us multi-taskers, it’s time we pause and take a little time each day for ourselves. To catch our thoughts and relax.

Since we’ve had beautiful sunny weather in Chicago lately, I forced myself to put down the task list and enjoy an ice cold cocktail and a book out in my mini patio garden.

Oh and the book? It’s a recommendation from my very fashionable and culinarily gifted sister. A must read for anyone trying to make their lives a little more effortless and minimal. Stay tuned on the book review later on the blog, or pick up a copy for yourself!

Slow Living: Lake Life

IMG_1206This Summer has been transitional, which is a naively upbeat way of saying tumultuous. I always look so forward to Summer because of the slower pace and the sense of re-centering yourself, but I’ve had nothing but the opposite of that, until now.

I was at Lake Geneva this past weekend for a bachelorette party and all the girls had gone for a run together. I took the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet and just allow myself to be still.

lakeAfter a walk down to the docks, I sit on the screened porch writing. As a visual person, I am always tuned into the sights of places, but this morning I am oddly only tuned into the sounds. The hissing of the cicadas, the songs of the birds, the chirps of insects, the crashing of the water on the shore, the bounce, bounce, plop of acorns dropping from the trees on the roof, the popping of the coffee maker and the creaking of wood floors over 90 years old.

acornI am enchanted by the history of this place. Years and years of people escaping the city to reconnect here. Years of memories with my family at our lake house are flooding back to me in a way I cannot ignore, forcing me to recognize how deeply in love with the Midwest I truly am. No matter how hard I run from it, I know that it truly captivates my heart. It’s as if the harder I try to escape, the stronger the magnetic pull back is.

The Litte Things

Chambord Arrangement

This was a hectic weekend spent at a friend’s place, so when we got home on Sunday, it was a drop the bags and just hit the couch type of night. I woke up this morning tired, feeling a little off, and wishing I could just stay in bed all day. I forced myself to get ready and go to the office. I came home for a quick lunch and to my surprise, Drew had cleaned the entire apartment for me after I went to work this morning. This was the best surprise I could ever have walked into. I was elated to be able to come home tonight and just relax and not have to clean.

Then, I stumbled across this precious little arrangement he put together with some blooms from our tiny little balcony garden. This just made my heart melt. It was a reminder that it’s not always the grand gestures that make all the difference, sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference of them all.

So, I’m burning this image in my memory as a reminder to look for and appreciate the small things. Let’s pause the chaos and enjoy the small moments in life. Are you in?