Currently Spinning: Diego Garcia

Currently Spinning Diego Garcia LauraAt first sight this album is seemingly inappropriate for a nearly November music recommendation. You’re right. This should be saved for June. Or should it? Born in Detroit to Argentine parents, growing up in Tampa, attending Brown University, starting a New York Indie band and then completing the circle by pursuing a solo career of Latin music seems to be eclectic enough to give me liberty to post this in November, right?

The album featured above is Laura, Diego Garcia‘s first solo album released April 2011. It’s absolutely phenomenal. His second album, Paradise, pictured below was recently released October 8, 2013. Just when I thought nothing could top Laura, he creates another to-die-for album. These songs are filled with both heart and incredible musicianship.

diego-garcia-paradiseTake a listen to these albums here and here. Also, he will be performing live December 6 at Schuba’s for $12. I will be there, so if you’re making a night of it, let me know!

In the meantime, here are my favorite moments on each album…

Laura: Inside My Heart, Roses and Wine, Under This Spell.
Paradise: Dónde Estás, Truth Will Ring, My Everything.

If you listen to these albums, let me know what you think! Do they inspire you?

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