A Moment In Time: Siesta Key Signage

Do you remember this post from forever ago? This is the first post of a mini-series about our beach bound Siesta Key trip. I cannot wait to share some favorite spots with you, but first, here’s some vintage inspiration that we found during our adventures along the island.

A Moment In Time: Siesta RoyaleThis first sign is Siesta Royale Apartments which is where we’re planning on staying next year. This sign does all the selling doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a quaint home away from home?

A Moment In Time: Vista HermosaAnd check out this sign! Hello flashback. I love the modern yet dynamic lines on this pink sign contrasted with the curvy script font. Perfection in all its pink glory.

A Moment In Time: ShoreAnd last but not least. This jaw dropping beautiful typographic logo, Shore. I know this is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not a vintage sign, but it’s a modern sign with a huge nod to mid-century typography, so I’m throwing it in the mix.

Which one is your favorite?

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