Currently Spinning: High Violet

Boomerang: High VioletOh High Violet by The National. This is the go-to album for this mini series about the rituals of the Autumn/Winter cusp season. I didn’t even have to think about it.

Every year, on the first cold, rainy, dreary day we have, this is the album that I play. It’s dark, beautiful, lonely, comforting and mysterious. As the days are shorter and nights start earlier, this is the perfect album to curl up to.

leafI had the opportunity to see The National in 2011, and ironically, they were unbelievably loud and thunderous. It was such a contrast to the mellowness of their studio recordings. I highly recommend seeing them if the opportunity presents itself. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such an unexpected dichotomy in a band, but it’s fantastic.

If you haven’t dared do it yet, go make yourself a Hot Toddy and put this album on your stereo. You can buy it here.

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