When You Don’t Have a Fire…

candleOne of the perks of living in the Midwest is cuddling up by the fire and watching a movie or diving into a good book on a cold day. Although my apartment is cozy, cozy, cozy, it does not have a fireplace, which is a bit of a bummer. However, a couple of years ago I found a solution! Have you heard of Nature’s Wick candles? They’re the best. They are fairly reasonably priced, you can pick them up at Target, and they crackle and pop just like a wood burning fireplace. The renter’s fragrant fireplace. Every Autumn, I look so forward to pulling these out and lighting them. I like to burn a few different fragrances at once to really put me in the late Fall/early Winter cusp season mood.

Nature’s Wick Candle in Pumpkin Cheesecake, find similar here :: Nature’s Wick 3-Wick Candle in Bonfire Nights, find similar here :: Slatkin & Company Candle in Acorn & Fig (not a wooden wick candle), find similar here.

Note: Target.com doesn’t seem to have many options left, try your local store for more variety.

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